An Exclusive Podcast with Reagan Foxx

Published September 30, 2022 tag category
An Exclusive Podcast with Reagan Foxx

How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels And Blow A Big Load

Discover how to jack up your testosterone levels and give your woman one of the things she really wants you to give her IN BED — a bigger load. Read on now and find out how it’s done…

Men and Women’s Emotional Needs in Sexual Relationships Differ Over the Longer Term

Men want to believe that women are stimulated to orgasm through thrusting. Male sex drive causes men to focus on stimulating the vagina through thrusting. Some women believe that orgasm occurs ‘naturally’ when they love a man. A woman is not sufficiently aroused by sex for her to orgasm easily by any means. Men rarely acknowledge the effort a woman makes in sex by keeping in shape and by presenting her body and her sexual attributes attractively. A woman also offers intercourse regardless of her own orgasmic response and responds affectionately to a man’s enjoyment of his own arousal and orgasm.

Women Fake Orgasm Rather Than Invest in Exploring Sexual Pleasure With a Lover

Why do women lose interest in sex over time? A woman needs some lead-in or anticipation to be ‘in the mood’ for sex. Uncommunicative sex that has a repetitive pattern becomes boring. Over time men increase pressure on a partner to assist with their arousal. The idea that women orgasm during sex leads to sex that is just play-acting to keep men happy. Faking orgasm is less effort for women than engaging on more explicit sex play. Men assume they have satisfied their woman simply through thrusting. Moving beyond intercourse involves talking to each other about sexual fantasies.

Advice on Female Orgasm Typically Relies on Ignoring the Fact That Many Women Fake Orgasm

Imagine, if a man had orgasm difficulties, what he would make of the following: (1) Do you love your partner? Do you find her attractive? Perhaps you are inhibited. (2) Are you aware of the basic sexual facts? Perhaps you should read a sex manual. (3) Is your partner stimulating you correctly? Have you tried stimulating yourself? Women’s success with faking – perhaps the biggest hoax of all time? Men are easily convinced because they want to be. Men cannot imagine how different sex is for a woman. The idea that sex is orgasmic for women is so accepted that it is now almost impossible to suggest it might be otherwise.

Alfred Kinsey’s Report on Female Sexuality Has Been Ignored Because It Contradicted Popular Beliefs

When our emotional prejudices are involved, even educated and (in other respects) intelligent people are able to overlook the facts. Kinsey’s report was sensational because it indicated that some women orgasm during sex. But if female orgasm were as commonplace as male, reports such as his would not be considered so sensational.

Women’s Sexuality Is Rarely Explicit – Neither Is Their Experience of Orgasm

Female orgasm relies on sexual knowledge but not even the experts can agree on exactly what that information is. What do women substitute for men’s biological and hormonal sex drive? What causes women to be mentally aroused enough to orgasm during sex? What stimulation leads to female orgasm – is it the clitoris or the vagina? Most women do not interpret their sexuality in terms of explicit sexual activity. Even today men apologise to women for making explicit sexual references. Men think women are ‘sexy’ just for being attractive and for being amenable to sex. If women talk of orgasm at all, it is primarily associated with a loving relationship.

How Does Relationship Sex Compare With Our Aspirations for Enjoying Sexual Pleasure?

Long-term relationships involve respecting a partner’s different emotional needs. A couple should be more explicit about the rewards of a sexual relationship. A man should not take for granted the effort a woman makes mainly for his benefit. A couple should set aside time to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of intimacy.